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Bryan Jaeger here and I’ve been an Internet Marketer since the beginning of 2016. The reason I got into Internet Marketing is because I suffered a spinal cord injury in 2006. So I’m not able to work 98% of the jobs that are available because I can’t drive. It wasn’t until 2014 when I got married that I quickly realized I needed to pull my weight and find a way to help my wife pay our bills. It took me 4 months to discover the possibility of making money online through Internet Marketing.

I started seeing success doing affiliate marketing, email marketing, video marketing etc. I loved being able to help people improve their livelihood by promoting and creating high-quality products, but I noticed a lot of Internet Marketers were promoting or creating products that were TERRIBLE and was just out to make money regardless if they helped people or not. I couldn’t sleep at night knowing I wasn’t promoting ethical products that would actually help people. That’s why I PROMISE you that I will never attach my name to a product unless I know it can help people make money online. Watch my Making Money Online product reviews.

When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my wife and son. I also enjoy watching sports especially baseball, hockey, and football. It’s more fun watching now that my son has an interest in watching sports as well, so this gives us father/son bonding time.

Want to join a secret IM group?

Want to join a secret IM group?