A common issue most new internet marketers have is trying to determine what tools to use.

This is a vital process to get right because using the wrong tool could lead to a lot of wasted time and most importantly money.

I’ve compiled a list of the best Internet Marketing tools that I’ve found to be the most productive, user-friendly, and cost-efficient.


Domain and Hosting

The first thing you need to start an online business is a website so my choice to get your domain name and hosting is A2 Hosting. They have a great support system and their domains are very affordable. Their hosting is phenomenal, I’ve never had downtime. Click to check it out for as low as $1.99/month.


Page Builder/ThemeNext thing you need is a page builder to help you quickly build beautiful pages that will keep your visitors coming back again and again. The one I use is OptimizePress because it has tons of templates you can use and just edit them to show your content. There are beautiful templates for squeeze pages, sales pages, launch pages, webinar pages, and much more. These are everything an Internet Marketer needs pages for. Click to check it out…


Email Autoresponder

An Internet Marketer’s greatest asset is their email list. Active Campaign is the easiest autoresponder to set up for anyone to use. It has a great deliverability rate as well. So you can trust that your subscribers will see your emails. Click to check it out…


Video Creation

Content Samurai is an extremely easy to use video creation software that can help you create attention-grabbing videos. I’ve recently started using it and absolutely love it. All you have to do is write or paste content in and then Content Samurai populates the slides and adds relative images. You can edit the images and slides yourself as well. Plus, the big winner for me is you can do voice overs and have music in the background. Click here to check it out…


Link Tracking

The best way to be successful in Internet Marketing for the future is to have multiple traffic streams but you have to know which methods are making you money and which are not. That’s where link tracking comes into play. This is an extremely important step to get right. Click to start tracking your profits TODAY!!


If you have any questions about these tools or other tools you’re debating on, leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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